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Marta Smith

Photo.pngMarta is a mother of 2 children from Porto, Portugal.  She holds a BSc in Pharmacology, Qualified Teacher Status and a Masters in Education. Marta became an educator after working at the National Museum of Liverpool, England where she worked with school groups coming in to experience a science exhibition. Science has always played a huge part in her teaching to inspire curiosity and play.  

Marta became involved in teaching younger children early on in her career and was concerned at the lack of time available for these children to play. She began to research the importance of play in learning and found logical and justifiable reasons to connect learning with play. Marta began to train and mentor other teachers to become more play-focussed and more hands-off, encouraging observation as a way to understand children's interests.

After working in Hong Kong, Australia, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Switzerland, Marta returned with her family to her native Portugal, but will soon be off on another adventure to work at a play-centred kindergarten in Beijing, China.


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